My Town S.T.E.P. Membership Levels

Directory Level $0.00 now and then $9.99 per Month After your initial payment, your first 6 payments are Free.Customers in OH will be charged 6.75% tax.after your 180 day trial. Select
Market Level $14.99 per Month. Customers in OH will be charged 6.75% tax. Select

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My Town Travels Membership Overview, Mission, and Vision:

Joining as a member of My Town Travels may be one of the most cost-effective and easiest investments you can make in the prosperity of your town’s businesses, organizations or experiences. Becoming a Member of My Town’s S.T.E.P. Membership is extended to every small town organization, business, or citizen  that believes in the My Town Mission and are proud ambassadors of their small town. In addition, supporting and investing in My Town gives you:

  • Advocacy for Niche Economic Growth
  • Contacts and Patrons
  • Advertising and Exposure in a Niche Market of Readers
  • Networking, Education, and Support from a Like-Minded Community
  • Continued Access to My Town Travels Online Platform & Resources

Mission Statement: Connecting People with Small Town Culture and Values Through Travel.

*** Our Mission Is Simple: My Town Travels is here to Promote Small Town Destinations & Hidden Gems, Connect them with Visitors, and Grow the My Town Platform for Small Town Representatives and Enthusiasts to Utilize.***

Vision Statement: My Town Travels is a National Movement committed to the preservation and promotion of small town culture through its local ambassadors, residents, and patrons; and has a mission to encourage stability and growth of small town culture, values, and heritage through My Town’s platforms to the betterment of its communities.

What We Do: My Town offers promotional benefits to members as well as opportunities to serve their local communities. My Town is a growing movement, and being part of My Town is an easy, low-cost investment in the promotion of what your small town has to offer. By becoming a member  you advance the niche of small town communities on the My Town Travels platform. Each member is valued in its role of advancing the collective space where small town experiences can be found.

Benefits of  S.T.E.P. (Small Town Enthusiast Partner)Membership:

Directory Level Membership Description:

As a My Town STEP Member, we want you to be successful in growing your promotion of a business, service, or experience in your town. As a partner with STEP Membership you receive access to be a part of the Small Town Directory & Platform to help equip you moving forward with online promotion. Most Importantly, you become part of a niche community here to help you succeed.

Directory Level Membership Benefits:

  • Your Organization’s Directory Listing and Member Profile: Your searchable listing and Member Profile on the My Town Travels website brings potential patrons to your town’s experiences, products, and services through your town’s unique story. Listings in our Directory are seen by thousands of My Town readers.
  • Your Organization’s Member Welcome Post: Your Searchable Listing & Member Profile Information posted on My Town Social Sites – upon Joining The Small Town Directory. You will recieve a Big My Town Welcome from thousands of My Town readers & followers.  
  • Unlimited Event Listings: (On My Town Travels website & Social) Small town events make your town unique and give a platform to introduce your town or business to surrounding communities. All events are now auto posted to social for easy sharing! It’s worth it, our readers want to see Small Town Events, and This is the only place to search events exclusively in small towns. 
  • Articles & Posts:  Members can send articles to My Town Travels to post on The My Town Travels Articles Page ( guidelines do apply) to promote their town. Additionally, Instagram & Facebook Campaigns can be created at a discounted rate.
  • Membership in the Small Town Places To Visit Community: A private social group connecting small towns and visitors, and is great conversation for travel ideas, tips, small town idea sharing, and so much more. Join the National Conversation for Small Towns, and easily share Small Town resources, stories, and strategies! Add your topic and make great new friends with like-minded small town enthusiasts.
  • Discounted Advertising: Members also have the opportunity to publicize their towns or specific small town businesses with page ads under the My Town brand on the website and monthly newsletter. Inquire at
  • Seminars and Conferences: All members will receive discounted pricing on all My Town Travel Courses, National Conferences, and Regional Events .
  • Social Media: All My Town Members are able to submit pictures and short snippets to the My Town Travels team to upload on the My Town Travels Instagram and Facebook platforms (restrictions apply). Members can also post directly in the Small Town Places To Visit Community page per its guidelines.

Market Level Membership Description:

The Highlighted benefit of being a Market Member is of course your access to the My Town Marketplace. The Marketplace is an online collection of vendors from small towns across the country. Here, small town vendors have no listing fee, can list unlimited items for sale, choose their own shipping, and choose their own return and refund policies.

Most Importantly, you have YOUR OWN STORE ON THIS PLATFORM! 

This is a small town vendor community. All vendors are vetted and approved, so as to provide confidence to the buyer that they are receiving small town products and feel good about their small town purchase. In addition to the Marketplace Access My Town Market Members Receive:

Marketplace Membership Level Benefits:

  • Market Members have all benefits included in My Town Directory Level Membership Plus…
  • Access to My Town Market: where you can sell your goods and services just like on Amazon, Etsy or eBay, but vetted for small town products only, and at a lesser cost to the vendor.
  • Upgraded Access: To My Town Event Software to manage, and sell tickets for your event – all from the My Town Platform.
  • Market Level Access: To all strategic, development, and travel-based webinars and courses.
  • Ambassador Experience Write Up: As a market member of My Town Travels, you can request a visit from a Travel Writer from My Town to visit  your town and catalogue the experience on My Town Travels for promotional purposes.
  • This is a Promotional & Selling Tool Exclusively for Small Town Vendors & Small Town Community & Event Organizers.