The Dolphin Bar Outdoor Dining Pic

The Dolphin Bar And Shrimp House:

The Local Favorite - Dock & Dine - Can't-Miss Experience in Small Town Jensen Beach, FL.

When visiting Martin County, FL and the Treasure Coast Area, you will have a lot of dining choices, but one stands out if you ask around. Known for its fantastic food and location, the Dolphin Bar has become the “go-to” location for locals & visitors alike. But, this location has something other dining establishments in the area do not have: a unique history that elevates your dinner to an experience you will remember.

Deer Creek State Park Lodge

Top Seven Reasons To Stay At Deer Creek State Park Lodge

Lasting Memories For Incredible Value

There are so many great reasons to utilize state parks as part of your small town travels. Recently, the My Town family had a wonderful opportunity to stay at Deer Creek State Park Lodge in Mt. Sterling Ohio. In relation to its state parks, Ohio is a special place to travel because the parks have lodges. Many other states do not have this wonderful resource. These lodges are maintained by a hospitality company and run with the same integrity you would expect from any nice hotel. But there are many additional perks to staying at a State Park Lodge.

Lynd Fruit Farm - Pataskala, OH

Top 7 Small Town Places To Visit In Licking County, OH This Fall

There is a new word sweeping the nation, and that’s Agritourism. Also referred to as Agritainment, the industry is defined as: “activities carried out by a farm or ranch that allow members of the general public for recreational, entertainment, or educational purposes, to view or enjoy rural activities”( In Licking County, OH you can find an abundance of great rural gems open to the public during the Fall Season. From Traditional Farms & Orchards to Outdoor Entertainment, here are the places to visit you don’t want to miss this Fall.